Visit Amour Privé

Open:  Wednesday - Sunday
Hours: Wed - Sat: 11 - 8pm
Sun: 11a to 5pm
Tasting Fee: $7.00

337 Commercial Street
Old Town Auburn, CA 95603

Phone:  (530) 878-5558

Bus/Limo Policy: Please Call Ahead




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Amour PrivéAmour Privé

“…when properly created, exceptional wine should evoke a visceral, emotional response at every sensory node from touching the bottle to a complex, lingering finish…”

…the genesis

In 2007 Matt Wozniak, Amour Privé’s owner and winemaker, enrolled in UC Davis’ world-class Winemaker’s Certification program. Matt’s aspiration was to create a suite of old-world, handcrafted, ultra-premium Bordeaux styled red wines in the Northern California Sierra Foothills.

Bringing a 25+ year career as a CEO, a world traveler, an entrepreneur, an engineering background, fixed wing and helicopter pilot, aircraft mechanic, Private Investigator, Mt. Everest Expedition Team member, Matt’s relentless pursuit for nirvana was in full swing.

Frequent travel to Western Europe as well as a love for red wine and European culture set the foundation for Wozniak’s quest.

As his technical training progressed it became evident making a true world-class Bordeaux styled suite of wines would be challenging. Due to terroir (soil) and climate constraints, Wozniak would have to locate the closest Bordeaux quality fruit region he could find – Napa.

Leasing vineyards in the premier Napa Valley would allow Wozniak to cultivate the best fruit available in the US. Tying his world-class UC Davis training to world-class fruit was the formula for excellence. …


Building a winery on his residential acreage in the Sierra Foothills was the next order of business. Designing and building many of the components himself, the winery included a barrel aging storage cave, gravity fed sorting and destemming apparatuses, extended maceration and settling tanks, corking and bottle filling stations, and some human refuge areas replete with sitting decks and water features – a winery was born! …

Sharing the unique handcrafted Amour Privé creations with the world is the culmination of years of arduous preparation. Putting all the devoted time and effort into perspective is the adulation of the individuals who put eyes to bottle, glass to nose, and wine to lips.

Our flagship wines, Hommage à la Rive Gauche and Hommage à la Rive Droite, are tributes to the left and right bank wine styles of the Gironde estuary in Bordeaux.

Our Cuvée Noire designation was created in juxtaposition to our flagship proprietary blends. Eagerly waiting to be enjoyed today, this delicate, approachable proprietary blend exudes structure and harmony.

To further expand the Amour Privé offerings, Wozniak introduced two stunning single varietal wines to the suite in 2012; An exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot.

…Matt personally invites you to share his private love – Amour Privé !